Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yeezy -What's Higher Than #1?

Chicago's own golden boy, The Louis Vuitton Don - Kan, was in the area this morning for an exclusive interview with Trey the Choklit Jock and Kendra G on Power 92's Morning Jump Off Show after a full week of promoting his new album Graduation and attempting to silence his critiques after a very public outburst at the MTV VMAs and claiming victory over 50 Cent in the race for chart topping album sales (yay Ye!)
Kanye says Graduation is, "A soundtrack to people's lives". Well, thanks for giving us another chart topping album!

When asked about his antics at the VMAs after receiving nominations but leaving without the coveted "moon man", he says, "I might have spazzed out a lil bit but at least I didn't do anything illegal."
The ChicaGoGetter Team was in the building for the Kanye West Foundation fundraiser at Chicago's House of Blues on August 24th where we had a sneak preview of several of the new album's hot tracks! Although the concert got off to a rocky start when the sound for the opening song "I Wonder" wasn't to Kanye's liking; Yeezy stopped everything but quickly got things back in order by starting out with a fan favorite "Diamonds From Sierra Leone". He treated the crowd to a large sampling of songs from College Drop Out and Late Registration and had guest appearances by Shaun Robinson (Access Hollywood) David Alan Grier (In Living Color) Mos Def and his lovely mom-dukes Donda West.

We've been trying to figure out which Graduation tracks we like the most but couldn't narrow down the list, so just GoGet the album!

Also, check out the clip below from this past Sunday's Primetime Emmy Awards Show where Kanye was a good sport while having a lil fun poked at him along with Rainn Wilson (NBC's The Office) while losing a rap battle over his lyrics to "Stronger".

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