Monday, October 1, 2007

ChicaGoGetter Certified - GET YOURS!- Amy Dubois Barnett

Amy Dubois Barnett former Editor of Teen People and Editor-In-Chief of Honey magazine has dropped a witty, funny, wise and fresh book "Get Your's! - The Girlfriend's Guide To Having Everything You Ever Dreamed Of And More".
When I heard the book was coming out a few months ago I was a little put off by the title. I've perused many-a-book that offers "10 steps to this" "7 rules for that" and "14 Days to that". Those type of books can sometimes come of rather preachy and feel like they are written for a person with tunnel vision or a singular goal (career success, relationship success etc. etc.). These are subjects relevant to some women, but they rarely serve as a "one-stop-shop" for real Chicas who need a little advice on the things that really matter like family, friends, health/wellness and spiritual growth.
Amy's book comes off as a conversation from a close girlfriend who has been there done that and bought a postcard.!She is real about her life and the stumbling blocks she's had to step over to achieve her successes. The book is in hardback only right now and retails for $22.95.

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