Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daddy's Little Girl -Francine Lucas-Sinclair

Remember The Coldest Winter Ever? The book that had young and old tenderonis glued to its' pages as we dove into the life of Winter...daughter of a gangsta...high roller..shot caller who internalized a hustler's spirit to survive. Although Francine Lucas-Sinclair is the daughter of one of the most notorious organized crime legends in U.S. history, surprisingly her story reads nothing like Winter's. As the movie American Gangster, inspired by her father, Frank Lucas' life starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, hits theaters this Friday, she shares her story with Glamour magazine in their November Issue. Click here to read it!
You'll be surprised to see what this Chica has to say about her life as the daughter of the American Gangster.

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Photo from Glamour.com

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BLESSED said...

This sounds very interesting to me. I also was a child of incarcerated parents. I would certainly like to be apart of the Yellow Brick Road organization, Iam a daughter of a Harlem Drug Kingpin. March 1983 I was 12yrs old and My whole family was arrested they bomb rushed our 12 room mansion in Mt. Vernon, NY and took my Father New York Freddie Myers and my mother Alliebe Afflic-Myers he was entenced to 40yrs and she was entenced to 7yrs and he served 23 and half and my mother served 5yrs because they refused to cooperated in anyway my sisters my only brother was arrested and acquited during trail. My dad just came home last year and he has already did the full story and cover in the FEDS Magazine and now he Documentary DVD has just been released Friday to view trailer go to-> http://blip.tv/file/448531/#share and I did an interview on the DVD. Although, and as you can see if you watch the full version of the DVD you see it was hard for me to talk about it because I was hiding that part of my life for sooo long. My new friends and co-workers now never knew who my dad was so now that he is home and using every venue to tell his story I had to come out to friends, co-workers and now I fell like I'm back in 1983. I missed my dad so much while he was away but, now I'm having a hard time relating to him and we get along well. A lot is missing because when he left I was 13yrs old and it's hard for him to see me as an adult because he didn't watch me grow up.
I would like to ask Mrs. Francine Lucas-Sinclair how have she been dealing with that and her dad since he has been home longer than my dad so I'm sure she will have some words of encouragement for me :-). And it sounds like we were both named after of father's my dad's name is Freddie I'm Fredell but I'm better know as Freddy. I have been dealing with the issue of children of incarcerated parents. I want to HELP.

Fredell Afflic-Myers