Thursday, November 22, 2007

Holiday Wish

I received the note below from a great friend this past week. It encompasses the true spirit of the Holiday season. Please read and absorb his words. In the midst of all the sales, food and fun we cannot continue to ignore the fact that as humans we are all one. When our brothers and sisters are hungry we too feel those hunger pangs.


RD, Chief Chica

Dear Friends,

Let me first tell you all that I am truly thankful for you're friendship, and I love you. Early this morning, I was one of several who helped to feed over 400 people who are severely economically challenged. Therefore, regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, or gender, they have been push to the furthest margins of our society. In essence, these babies and adults, sad to say, are often considered the bedrock of our society and at the back of many minds. The one ray of sunshine I did notice is that although these people have been marginalized by the community, they have an internal vigor that appears to be steadfast and un-waning. Moreover, you may want to know, our brothers and sisters who -for reasons unknown- hang in the balances of America's withering economy, neither asked for any type of monetary contributions, nor did they seam to want any future hand-outs.

I point this out because many of us who are "fortunate" may believe that by merely donating money to a cause that we've done our share; unfortunately, that may not be the case! Don't get me wrong donating money helps, yet the majority of time, our disadvantaged and disenfranchised brethren would like to simply know people care about their well being. In general, they want to see people who are, relatively speaking, doing well come and show their support by lending a helping hand, conveying they haven't been forgotten about. Please keep in mind this week when you're nestled closely with the ones you love--family, that these people are some one's daughter, son, niece, nephew, mother, father, aunt, uncle, or friend.

Family and friends, I strongly urge all of you to take a small portion of your time over the upcoming holidays and help someone less fortunate than you. Its truly worth it and does your soul well! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With my warmest regards,

Antoine L. Jennings

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