Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thriller or Purple Rain? Heaven Can Wait or Beautiful Ones? - The Debate Continues

As promised, its day two (the finale) of the Prince vs. Michael Jackson series. We've received several notes with YOUR opinions on the classic debate. So far it looks as if our readers have love for both of these legends, and for different reasons (one Chica referred to Prince as the "Architect of Seduction"). We've also found that there are some die-hard MJ fans who can't wait to see our list. Check it out. We had fun making it and we hope you have fun listening to it!

A quick refresher on how to use the GoGetter mix:
Click the "play" button to hear the songs. Use the navigation bar on the side of the list to scroll through the songs
If you want the list as a stand alone player on your desktop click "launch standalone"

The ChicaGoGetter Team

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