Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Real GoGetter: Nyasha Foy

Since belting out Lionel Richie’s famed “Sela” at the tender age of three, to performing in her own shows, Nyasha Shani has come a long way in her career. Since culminating her studies at the most prominent creative music University in the country with Honors, Nyasha Shani has returned to her notebook to begin work on her first album. As a songwriter, she has a strong command of the pen; with the ability to captivate real-life situations through genuine emotion and the cleverness of her lyrics.

Nayasha Shani on her craft:

“I have so many inspirations, musically. I love the jazz era for its musicality and innovation; and I love the birth of R&B for continuing the trend of black music, but I can’t deny that I was raised on the Quiet Storm.Nothing else can set the mood for me better than a good love song, so I use all those inspirations when I write and when I sing.I've always had a love affair with music and panache for attention. My first performances were from my car seat and on top of my living room table for my family. I was anointed the name Supernova and well, I live up to my moniker."

We applaud Nyasha for having the guts to pursue her dreams! For that, she's a real GoGetter. We look forward to seeing how she continues to grow. Check her out at:


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