Thursday, January 24, 2008

Notable Quotables

"Some of us want life to be like a refrigerator. We want to be preserved just as we are and to be kept crisp around the edges. We do not want to wilt or melt under the pressures of life. We want to stand in our own little space, keeping everything else in its own space so that we will not be contaminated.
I think life is like a toaster. You've got to be pushed down in order to pop up and meet the demands of life. You have to get done before you will know what to do. For most of us, unless we have a little heat under our bottoms, we will sit around and get stale. Also remember, when cold, hard things are placed on a hot piece of toast. they melt and fade away, but when you cast your bread on the waters of life, it will return to its place of origin multiplied." - (The Queen) Iyanla Vanzant

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