Friday, February 22, 2008

Nothing Like Good Friends - GoGetter (s) of The Week

Some people are in your life for a season but everyone in your life has a reason.

Last night I had a hour+ long conversation with two of the most dynamic Chicas on the face of the earth. Yes, I'm biased because they are actually two of my closest friends and know me better than almost anyone else, so I guess you can call them my sisters. They're both GoGetters in the sense that they are about their business yet are still down to earth. One is finishing course work towards her PharmD and the other is less than 1.5 years from receiving her JD.

They are clearly different women but are the same, in that they have persistence and strength in the face of adversity, they are spiritually grounded and they understand how to develop and maintain mature sister/girlfriend/adult relationships.

In 2004 someone (I forget who it was) told me that the 5 people who are closest to you are reflections, in some way, of who you are. At that point, I started to truly assess the relationships I'd invested time in, some good some not, and ultimately distanced myself from some of the people who I developed friendships with, but weren't adding anything positive to my life. At the end of that long and somewhat painful process, as they say, the cream rises to the top, and these two ladies were among the people that I truly loved, appreciated and wanted to have a lifelong relationship with.

At any rate, we live in different cities now and keep in touch through phone calls, quick visits, text messages and Facebook (ha), since I am well into my career and they are finishing course work. The nature of our friendship has changed and other people have moved in and out of each of our lives, but those long conversations and quick notes to let each other know we're thinking of one another keep the friendship strong.

With that, meet Mo and Kat, Our ChicaGoGetters of the week. Biased? Slightly. But think of them as a symbol of all the people who are great friends and blessings in your life. Heck, send me your stories about how you and your Chicas roll and we'll post them too! We truly believe that there is nothing like having strong relationships between sisters!


RD, ChicaGoGetter

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