Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lola's Guide to the Good Life

Hey Go Getters! Hope you are all enjoying the start of another beautiful Chicago summer. My name is Lola and I'll be bringing you my guide to the good life, one tip at a time!


I try to live a bit of every day like I'm on vacation. You know what they say about all work and no play. Take a note from the SATC craze and treat yourself to a little luxury. If Carrie can afford Manolos on a journalist's salary, anything is possible right?

Why Bus when you can Boat?

For less than it costs to get your latte fix ($2!), you can beat the traffic and cruise the river as a part of your daily commute. I took the water taxi from Madison and Canal to Michigan near the Wrigley building on a lovely spring afternoon. What better way to kick back and relax after a long day indoors? A glass of wine would have enhanced the experience... but I'm not complaining!

Shop like a Celeb

Although I'm a huge fan of the DSWs of the world, one cannot always be expected to go to battle for her shoes. If you want to feel pampered, let them come to you at the Nordstrom shoe department. The floor is swarming with sales consultants eager to help you find that special something. Choose a few that you like and let them do the rest. Aleks (ask for him, he's amazing!) educated us about designer Anyi Lu and her revolutionary comfortable yet stylish line. (shoes pictured left) If you catch them during a sale, prices are actually fairly reasonable. Nothing in your price range? Try on as many as you like, note the style numbers of your favorites and search for a better deal online!

Meiji- 623 N. Randolph

Why eat when you can dine?

An hour lunch away from the office can feel like a spa treatment if you do it right. Meiji at 623 N. Randolph wins the award for best Sushi in the West Loop. (As far as rolls go...I'm not a purist or anything) For the cost of two $5 footlongs at Subway, you can have the Meiji Gunkan - blue crab, masago, and spicy mayo wrapped with tuna and topped with a tempura crunch. Believe me, its worth the extra five bucks. The dining room has an authentic Japanese feel with sleek bamboo furnishings and a modern minimalist design. Named after Japanese Emperor Meiji whose title signified a new period of enlightened rule, I felt exactly that after my Meiji experience.

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Romney said...

This was very interesting! Love the tips. I haven't been on the water taxi. Today CTA was screwed. They need put the water taxi on the lake HAHA.