Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Akua Auset aka Nick Roques

I was made aware of Celebrity Makeup Artist Akua Auset while working with a past employer on a reality series taped in Chicago last summer. Although I didn't have a chance to speak with her, everyone she came in contact with was amazed by her warm spirit and superior makeup skills (I saw some show-stopping before and afters that day...I repeat..show-stopping). Not only is Akua a well known makeup artist, but she is a published author who developed The Butterfly Project ™ Programs which was born out of a commitment to inspire & develop each of our daughters, sons, little sistahs and little brothas.

Take a look at the links below to check out Akua's makeup skills and her thoughts on giving back to the girls of our generation AND visit www.akua-auset.com to learn more about her book "SUPERWOMEN & GODDESSES: Workin' Your Power & Magic Book One".


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