Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Friday Mix of the Summer...Oye Vay!

Last Friday Mix of the Summer Oye Vay..8.29

Okay so the official final day of Summer is September 22nd BUT everyone knows things tend to start going downhill after Labor Day. With that, we're calling today what it is...the end! We hope you enjoy this Friday Mix. Its choked full of classic hits from Stevie, Luther, Sade, Jill and even a couple of "contemporary tracks" from Jay-Z and good ole Jamie Foxx.

As we approach our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY next month, on September 18th, we have to give a special shout out to all of the GoGetters from Illinois, Cali, New York, Georgia, DC, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Florida and any other state we've overlooked who have been showing ChicaGoGetter major love over the past year. Also, a BIG shout out to our readers in France the UK, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Mexico and Nigeria (holla) who've also dropped by for a taste of ChicaGoGetter. We can't forget the other hott blogs in the ChicaGo area who always show love :myFashionation , Solemates Chicago, The E-Biz, Lipstick.Lace.Brassknuckles, EyeInPR
and Mrs. Windy City.
Finally, a huge thanks to our friends at who supply our haute Friday Mix tracks and are super supportive & ALWAYS fun to kick it with when they're in the ChicaGo area.

Until September...

RD, Chief Chica

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brownskinlady said...

Congrats on making one year!!