Friday, September 5, 2008

ChicaGo Area Chicas - Monday September 8th: Forté Foundation Forum: The MBA Value Proposition - Chicago

Chicas, on Monday September 8th learn about exciting careers in business, network with successful women business leaders, and find out how an MBA degree can open doors and present opportunities you never knew existed. Whether you’re interested in advancing within your current industry, switching careers, or starting your own venture, the Forté Forum can put you on the path to professional fulfillment. To learn more about the Forums, please visit the Forté Forum Information Page here

About Forté Foundation

Forté Foundation is a consortium of major corporations and top business schools that has become a powerful change agent in educating and directing talented women toward leadership roles in business.

The mission is to substantially increase the number of women business leaders by increasing the flow of women into key educational gateways and business networks.

They seek to achieve this mission by:

Motivating young women to prepare for a business career
Increasing women's access to education and business networks
Educating women on the value of an MBA
Supporting women financially in their business education
Raising awareness of the impact women can make on business and on society/culture/environment/economy
Encouraging and supporting cutting-edge research on relevant topics

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