Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Def Poetry For Your Weekend Viewing Pleasure

For those of you who have slept on it, Def Poetry is where its at! Enjoy!

Jill Scott "Nothing Is For Nothing"

Common "God Is Freedom"

Shihan "This type love"

Kanye West "Bittersweet"

Sonia Sanchez "Poem For Some Women"

Saul Williams (Coded Language)

Thea Monyee' "Woman to Woman"

Erykah Badu

Deb Young "Children Of A Lesser God"

Cedric the Entertainer


Amul Raj said...

Some things, good for the soul, you can't get enough of – fresh air, live music, friendly animals, to name a few. The spoken word should be considered one of these things. Also known as slam poetry, it offers something unusual, in that it reintroduces what we often avoid – confrontation. The spoken word demands attention and consideration on a variety of levels. It is this confrontation that Russell Simmons of Def Jam Records has become an expert at providing over the years.
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Jamil Buie said...

I've alway been a fan Its a shame they (Def Jam) don't push the poetry in the same manner with which they promote comedy. You can always use a side order of soul with your shuck n' jive.