Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Better Day - A Different World

Let's take you back to a better day. Hey (late) 70's and 80's babies -Don't you miss some of the best black sitcoms that ever aired on TV? The Cosby Show, 227, Sanford and Son, heck Amen? We've been missing the college and post-college drama of the Hillman crew from A Different World..That was really, really good TV!

Take a look at the clips below. These were two of the more memorable episodes when Whitley was just about to get married to Byron Douglass...and not DWAYNE (oh the humanity)!.. In the first clip. He apologized about the mistakes he made during their relationship (oh Chicas have you been there?). He even said the one of the most memorable quotes of the series , "You set a standard, and I couldn't hang. Or I wasn't quite ready." Oh Dwayne!
This clip is so real that you might get a little teary eyed just watching it.

The next clip is from Whitley's wedding day....the real fans know what happens in this one!


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