Friday, November 2, 2007

Get Yours! ChicaGo Launch Event

Chicas! You won't believe who graced Chi-City last evening...(okay so the post title probably gave it away)...the one, the only Amy DuBois Barnett! She made a special trip to Chicago to launch her new book Get Yours! The Girlfriends Guide To Having Everything You Ever Dreamed Of And More. After being a fan from her Honey magazine days, meeting Amy in person was an amazing experience and the highlight of my week.

The event was held in the loop in the offices of Ariel Capital Management (professional home to the super intelligent, highly accomplished, inspirational ChicaGoGetter-esque Mellody Hobson). Tons of folks turned out to celebrate Amy's accomplishments including our friends at myFashionation!

I was able to snag the book when it first hit stores and reviewed it here. I even snagged copies for some of my closets friends (they love it...perfect Holiday gift for your nearest and dearest).

I had a chance to speak with Amy for a short time and she left me with a piece of advice that I will carry with me for life , "Make promises to yourself and keep them!". This is something she clearly lives by!

Amy, your book is truly a gift! Thanks for sharing your life and experiences with Chicas like us!

RD - ChicaGoGetter

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